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FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions about our award-winning service
Plus your recipe for a great dance!


Q: How many songs should we select?

A: As many as you would like. However, if you keep your requests to 10% of the total songs to be played, you give you and your guests the opportunity to request songs during the evening and allow your entertainer to blend types of music together to keep you and your guests dancing throughout the evening.


Q: What time should the special events take place?

A: Your entertainer will coordinate the times with you at the start of the dance.

Q: What if we want our entertainer to play longer?

A: Notify your entertainer at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled ending time. Rates are listed on your service contract and are due prior to the start of the additional playing time.

Q: What if there is a song we want played that is not on the song list?

A: Feel free to list your request(s) on the event planner and we will attempt to find it. Requests MUST be made 14 days prior to show date.

Q: What if there is a song that we have on our own CD that is not on the song list, can we bring it?

A: Yes. Mark your CD so that it can be returned to you.

Q: When should we pay the balance on our service contract?

A: Final payment should be returned along with the completed event planner.

Q: Should we tip our entertainer?

A: Any gratuity or tip you wish to pay your entertainer for an outstanding performance is certainly appreciated.

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Your recipe for a great dance!

1. Get It In Writing:
Your entertainment company should use a written contract.  A written contract will protect you and help ensure that you are getting what you paid for.


2. Back Up:
Responsible entertainers have back-up equipment on site and back up staff if needed.


3. Early Set-Up:
Professional entertainers set-up there equipment before your guests arrive whenever possible.


4. Music And Play Lists:
Your Disc Jockey should provide all music whenever possible and let you know if a song cannot be found.  This will ensure all music is compatible with your Entertainers equipment and that all songs have been obtained.


5. Plan, Plan, Plan:
To ensure a great event, a dance planner should be filled out and a meeting scheduled.


6. Event Flow:
Your DJ/M.C. should organize, introduce, and work with your venue and other venders to ensure a smooth flowing event.


7. Insurance:
The Entertainment Company you hire should have liability insurance. Staff should be covered by Workmans Compensation.  Having this insurance will help protect you and your guests.


8. Equipment:
Mobile DJ’s provide music in many different locations.  Room size and number of guests effect sound.  Your entertainment company should have access to various sized speakers and different equipment set-ups.  Having the right equipment in a room will help ensure the best engineered sound.


9. Full Time Office:
When planning an event it is important to have timely meetings and easy communication.

10. Dance, Dance, Dance:
The best Disc Jockeys can keep a dance floor filled from start to finish.  Disc Jockeys use your ideas to personalize an event and make it one of a kind.  Your entertainer can be a trusted professional that you can turn to for advice.  The time that you spend finding the perfect entertainment company, may be the most important time you spend planning an entire event.

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